Base & Saponified Oils

Zero Xeno incorporates the use of cold-pressed organic oils of olive and coconut in many of our products. When natural methods of extraction are used to press oils their level of antioxidants remain high, while chemically refined oils do not.
Naturally retained plant-based antioxidants help preserve the oils and allow us to produce high quality products that are effective as well as practical. We believe it's just as important to use the purest oils on the outside of your body as it is on the inside of your body.
Zero Xeno incorporates old fashioned processes to produce our products. An excellent example of this 'old fashioned' process is how we manufacture our liquid soap base.
Starting with organic extra virgin olive oil, we take the time to naturally infuse it with organic calendula flowers and organic rooibos herbs. Next, we add organic coconut oil and saponify the oils (fatty acids) using a naturally mined mineral from Saskatchewan called potash (an alkaline/base substance). The combining of these products (fatty acids & alkaline/base substances) is what transforms oil into soap (saponification).
With the addition of some heat, a whole day spent cooking and a dash of love, our liquid Castile soap is produced. Our organic soap base is the foundation for many of our organic baby products, body washes, shampoos and natural cleaning products.
Zero Xeno personal care products include herbal infused oils. We infuse the unique properties of calendula and rooibos into our oils as a natural way to tap into the antioxidant and healing qualities of each herb. This allows us to produce a truly artisan, therapeutic and unique product the way grandma used to without the use of harsh or dangerous chemicals.