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Little boy - A Poem by Eli Penner

November 09, 2016
Little boy
by Eli Penner -13 years old
Little boy in the corner,
Who are you?
I see you almost every day.
Sitting by that wall,
Alone, with no one.
You were not always like this,
For sometimes you fit in with the crowd.
People liked and respected you,
But this is no more.
And now that you have no more tricks,
No more funny jokes,
Or goofy pets.
You do not belong,
You do not fit in.
Now you sit in the corner,
Looking at people as they walk by.
All of them having a good time,
Joking and laughing,
And talking about the good times they had together.
But when you turn to your side,
To see your friends,
There is nobody.
And you fall silent.
Oh how much you want a friend.
How much you want to fit in.
You would give anything,
You would do anything,
But the crowd is unchangeable,
No matter how hard you try,
They refuse.
For they are already happy with their life
They wouldn't want you to ruin it
Because they think you are the problem,
They think you are annoying,
Well they should look in the mirror.
Who’s the monster now?
Now here you are,
Sitting in the corner.
So tell me Little boy
Who are you?
Oh right,
That’s me
Credit: Eli Penner - 13 years old
Written on November 9, 2016

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