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Surrendight - It's All You've Got!

March 30, 2018
My journey here on this earth has taught me that each ‘Life Experience’ I have, generates an emotion I feel (positive or negative) and leads me to a choice that creates a belief about my experience and a subsequent state of being which always is attached to an outcome. Initial emotions are neither right nor wrong, they just are. I’ve learned there are only two choices to make when encountering any emotion. They are ‘Trust’ or ‘Control’ and because they’re polar opposites they cannot be chosen simultaneously. Therefore, it's all about the CHOICE I CHOOSE to attach to the emotion I’ve encountered.
If I choose 'TRUST' the natural outcome of my belief is a state of peace, no matter the end result of my ‘Life Experience’. Peace opens the gateway for solutions to materialize at the right time and in the best way. If I choose 'CONTROL' the natural outcome of my belief is a state of disharmony which creates roadblocks and stops answers from manifesting and breeds ongoing troubles.
  • Life Experience -> Emotion -> CHOICE -> TRUST (belief) -> Peace (state) = Solutions (outcome)
  • Life Experience -> Emotion - > CHOICE -> CONTROL (belief) -> Disharmony (state) = Troubles (outcome)
The Expectations Box
I’ve also learned being human means I have a tendency to create expectations around how, what, where and when solutions will materialize. I’ve discovered that when my expectations are obstructed or blocked I experience additional emotions, which are usually anger and frustration. Sadly, my pride regularly stops me from recognizing that I am the one who created these expectations. The limiting walls of my expectations always box in and close off solutions from materializing. Resolution to this issue is of course to circle back again and fight for my right to choose to ‘Trust’ and actively come to the end of my self-created expectations.
The Surrendight Choice
I created a new word to describe this process because when I searched the dictionary for a term that communicated the concept, I came up empty handed. ‘Surrendight’ is the combination of surrender and fight. One must surrender in order to trust, and one must fight in order to surrender, hence the word ‘Surrendight’.
By definition ‘Surrendight' is the art of mastering surrender and fight simultaneously. It is to surrender what you have no power over and fight for the one thing you do have a choice in, that of course being the right to choose to ‘Trust’. It truly is an art because you’re utilizing your ability to war without weapons, clothed only by your determined belief that all you have in life is ‘Trust’ and if you choose it you have EVERYTHING! What choice will you make?
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by Bonnie Penner

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