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Vision vs Dream - Know the Difference!

July 01, 2016
In my 47 years of life I have suffered greatly. A long time ago I made a promise that if I was given the opportunity to be well and live a vibrant, healthy life again I would choose to serve others. By making this choice, I solidified my Vision - to create 'A Xenoestrogen-Free World'. The Vision I have been entrusted with is what sustains me in all I do. I work from the end of my life backwards to achieve life for others I may never get to meet or know.
My Vision many times has been perceived by those around me as a dream. This perception however is incorrect and can cause confusion. There is a difference between working to fulfill a dream or being engaged in a Vision. Knowing the difference is crucial to understanding why I do what I do and it can help you to achieve incredible things too!
A dream is a feeling, a want.
Vision produces purpose, meaning and direction.
A dream one is hopeful to fulfill.
Vision one is driven to achieve.
A dream never satisfies and causes one to seek more.
Vision provides unceasing and unending contentment.
A dream is wishful thinking.
Vision is revealed truth.
A dream is generated by internal cravings.
Vision is created by something greater than oneself.
A dream is an indulgent selfish aspiration.
Vision is selfless, magnanimous and incorruptible.
A dream is perceived as a right and a solo possibility.
Vision is accepted as a gift and impossible to accomplish alone.
A dream one can quit on.
Vision never leaves you, it is a burning within.
A dream once achieved provides hunger for more and dissatisfaction of what one has obtained. When Vision is achieved it provides a deep satisfaction that lasts a lifetime!
Problems do not deter or weaken me, they excite and inspire me. They create a strength to continue towards the Vision I been entrusted with. When I encounter trials they create a STRENGTH in me like NOTHING I've ever known. How else can Vision be proven true except to go through challenges on the road to success!
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by Bonnie Penner

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