Easy to Understand
Does it seem like ingredient decks are written in a foreign language? It can be intimidating to identify chemicals and other harmful ingredients on labels. It doesn’t help that the dangerous chemicals you have spent time learning are also hidden under different names. Take sodium lauryl sulfate for example - it can be labeled as sodium coco sulfate or 15 other different variations!
Education is Key
The good news is we are here to assist and support you in your journey to intelligently read labels. While there are a lot of long, tricky words, we’ve put together a list of ingredients commonly used in the many products you use everyday and why you should avoid them. This list also includes ingredients that are beneficial but possibly still unfamiliar. We want to give you tips on how to identify a natural versus chemical ingredient. If you spend a little time getting some of these terms under your belt, you’ll be able to spot a toxic product in no time at all!