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Meet Bonnie

Bonnie suffered from hormone related problems until she took her health into her own hands.

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7 Steps to Eliminating Xenoestrogens

Protect yourself by following these 7 simple steps to eliminate up to 70% of xenoestrogens.

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Zero Xeno Blog

Teflon is Toast in Food Packaging!

The FDA recently published an amendment on the use of perfluorinated chemicals/compounds (PFCs) in food packaging. They stated that with PFCs &qu...

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Is Beautiful Skin Linked to Infertility & Cancer?

If you struggle with infertility, estrogen sensitive cancer or endometriosis, it is vital to learn about the dangers xenoestrogens pose to your hormone health. Peer reviewed studies have linked estrogen mimick...

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Many toothpastes, deodorants and soaps contain #XenoEstrogens like #Triclosan which have been shown to stimulate ovarian cancer growth. It is so important to learn what xenoestrogens are, where they are hidden and how to avoid them! Join The...

Be sure to use a natural baby wash for your little ones. A peer reviewed study revealed that many personal care products contain #EndocrineDisruptors which mimic estrogen. When these personal care products are used on small children the study...

A 2015 French study reveals young children were exposed to 584 cleaning product chemicals in their daily activities while at school. Several chemicals were identified as #EndocrineDisruptors that are suspected #XenoEstrogens. It’s time to take...

About Zero Xeno

A message from our Founder.

Zero Xeno is my personal 28 year journey of suffering and success related to hormone issues caused by xenoestrogens. I have made it my business to help people understand the dangers associated with hormone disrupting chemicals and provide xenoestrogen-free products for the whole world to enjoy.

Many people have never heard of xenoestrogens before so I've broken it down for you. 'Xeno' means foreign, and 'estrogen' simply describes a female hormone. When put together in one word, xenoestrogens are foreign manmade chemicals that act like estrogen and impact your body's hormonal balance in a detrimental way.
The World Health Organization (WHO) recently published three papers declaring "endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) a global issue that needs immediate action." The problem with estrogen mimicking chemicals is that they are commonly used in personal body care and beauty products as well as household cleaners. When you're exposed to hormone disruptors through daily routines, these chemicals fool your body into believing xenoestrogens are your own estrogens which can cause a variety of different hormonal issues.