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Castile Soap - The Sweet Secret

June 02, 2017

Last week’s blog was all about saponification or in layman's terms, how to make soap the old fashioned way. At Zero Xeno we strive to use the purest ingredients possible. We use food grade ingredients to make our liquid Castile soap extra lathery, cleansing and moisturizing without the addition of chemical processing. At the end of last week’s blog I finished with a riddle that eluded to one of these food grade ingredients.

Sticky Riddle

"What is sweet and sticky but never icky unless you are very picky? White as snow unless it’s organic you know, that makes the lather grow but isn't a chemical foe." 

Sugary Answer

The answer to my little riddle... is sugar of course! We use organic cane sugar in our liquid Castile soap. A little trick I discovered years ago when I first learned how to make liquid Castile soap from scratch was that this addition makes for a light, bubbly lather that doesn't involve the nasty ethoxylation processing that chemical foaming agents like sodium laureth sulfate utilize. So long hormone disrupting foaming agents and hello organic sugar!

More Food Please!

Another food grade ingredient Zero Xeno uses in our personal body care products is baking soda. That's right, the stuff you put in your muffins to make them rise to a fluffy texture. Liquid Castile soap is just that, liquid. It's very thin, runny and similar in consistency to water which makes it difficult to use as a body wash, hand soap or shampoo. Adding baking soda to Castile soap is the natural way to thicken it to a beautiful gel like consistency and it's what we use in our Kombucha Body Wash recipe. 

Baking soda, also known as sodium carbonate, thickens Castile soap due to its sodium component (aka salt). The bicarbonate portion of baking soda helps stabilize the pH of Zero Xeno's soap based products like our signature Kombucha Tooth Soap.

Of course our liquid Castile soap is made from cold-pressed organic oils of olive and coconut. When natural methods of extraction are used to press oils their level of antioxidants remain high and nourishing. We believe it's just as important to use the purest of oils on the outside of your body as it is on the inside. 

Peace of Mind

At Zero Xeno we pride ourselves in producing products that are as pure and natural as possible. Keeping our processing methods simple, not only ensures our products to be free of chemicals that mimic estrogen (xenoestrogens), but provides you with the peace of mind that you're making the healthiest choices possible for your family.

by Bonnie Penner

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