Kombucha is so much more than a drink! For thousands of years, people have been making and consuming this fermented tea for its health giving benefits. Zero Xeno believes your skin can realize Kombucha's natural properties when applied topically - nourishment from the outside in!
  • Vitamins B &C (natural occurring)
  • Antioxidants
  • Amino acids
  • Organic acids
  • pH balancing
Natural occurring vitamins in Kombucha promote healthy skin, regulate oil gland secretion, and minimize clogged pores. Vitamins B & C found in Kombucha act as natural antioxidants on your skin which help to reduce free radicals produced by daily exposure to the elements.
We ferment our Kombucha using *green,*black and *rooibos teas (*organic) for their high antioxidant and health promoting properties. We use mineral rich water so that during fermentation the inorganic minerals are biotransformed into organic (bioavailable) ones. Our process creates a mineral and nutrient rich powerhouse that is readily and easily absorbed by your skin to create nourishment for your body from the outside in.
Kombucha naturally contains multiple organic acids, such as lactic, malic, glucuronic and usnic acids which can keep your skin vibrant and youthful. These organic acids help firm and tighten pores which may reduce the appearance of wrinkles and balance your skin's natural acid mantle.
Topical application of amino acids like L-lysine and L-theanine found in Kombucha will help keep your skin vibrant, youthful and nourished.
We use Kombucha in our hair care products to help regulate your scalp's oil gland secretion by balancing your acid mantle. Naturally occurring organic acids in Kombucha will provide your hair with vibrant shine and extra body.