Pure Essential Oils

At Zero Xeno we hand select each essential oil that's used in our formulas. We choose only 100% pure essential oils and do our homework on how they are extracted and processed. We feel it’s just as important to know the source of our essential oils as it is the extraction method. We have high standards at Zero Xeno for both purity and accurate product labeling. That's why we use only 100% pure essential oils, nothing more and nothing less.
Watch out for so called 'natural' products that list their essential oils along with the words 'aroma of,' 'fragrance oil,' 'nature identical oil’ or 'perfume oil.' These are sneaky 'Green Washing' tactics some companies use to hide their use of hormone disrupting chemicals such as phthalates and propylene glycol.
Use the simple 15 minute sniff test to determine if the product you're using has potentially hidden xenoestrogens in their essential oils.100% pure essential oils generally don't hold their scent longer than 15 minutes. If the current products you are using have a long lasting scent, they may be tainted with chemicals that fix the scent. Many of these types of fixatives are endocrine disruptors. Choose products with only 100% pure essential oils.