Zero Xeno incorporates the use of a natural preservative system for our organic personal care products which includes the use of unique fermented preservatives. Fermenting coconut oil with Lactobacillus bacteria produces an effective and multi-functional product that provides natural preservation protection with bonus moisturizing benefits. 
Lactobacillus bacteria are one of the friendly species of microorganisms used to produce fermented products such as sauerkraut and kimchi. Like many members of the lactic acid bacteria family, lactobacillus are capable of restricting the growth of unfriendly microorganisms by acidifying its environment. Friendly bacteria also produce unique antimicrobial peptides known as bacteriocins which are capable of providing broad spectrum antimicrobial and antifungal protection when used in cosmetic formulations. These amazing little peptides are made from amino acids which is why they're famous for anti-aging and supreme moisturization! 
Zero Xeno achieves additional natural preservation through the management of individualize pH for each of our products. Scientific research has shown that various essential oils have innate natural preservation properties. Our unique pH and essential oil preservation system was developed by our founder Bonnie Penner.