No Silver Lining

A report by The National Workgroup for Safe Markets, on the dangers of BPA linnings in canned goods.

Black Tea & Quercetin Effective Against BPA Induced Cytoxicity

A PubMed abstract on the positive effects of black tea and quercetin on BPA induced cell death.

12 Ways to Avoid Hidden BPA

January 24, 2015

A David Suzuki Foundation article on how to limit your exposure to BPA.

Blissfully Unaware of Bisphenol A

A Friends of Earth comprehensive review of the scientific knowledge about the controversial plastic ingredient Bisphenol A.


Tip of the Month – Would You Like a BPA-Filled Receipt?

An Environmental Defense article on BPA in receipt paper and how you can avoid it. 

Friday Freak Out: BPA May Create An Even Bigger Hormonal Mess

A Huffington Post article on BPA and it's link to obesity and infertility. 

Migraines Linked To BPA Exposure

A Medical Daily article on how BPA exposure increases sound and light sensitivity leading to migraines. 

BPA in River Water

A Springer Link abstract on the biodegradability of BPA by bacteria isolated from river water. 

BPA Replacement Alters Hormones At Low Doses

An Environmental Health News study on BPS, a replacement for BPA, and its harmful effects on hormones. 

Chemical BPA Linked To Increase of Childhood Asthma

A Natural News article on the link between high levels of BPA and asthma in children.