Estrogens in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time: Fetal BPA Exposure & Mammary Cancer

A Pubmed abstract discussing gestational exposure of the xenoestrogen bisphenol-A (BPA) and the increased  propensity to develop mammary cancer during adulthood, long after cessation of exposure to BPA.

A French Government Report on the Dangers of BPA/BPS in Thermal Paper Receipts in The Unborn Child

A French Government (ANSES) report which recommends restricted use of Bisphenol A & S in thermal paper due to documented risks to the developing fetuses reproductive system.


Gender Bending Chemicals Linked to Infertility & Turning Males Into Females

A article on the dangers of hormone disrupting chemicals and how they are related to infertility and feminizing infant males of many species.


Spirulina Protects Against Cadmium Induced Teratogenicity

A PubMed abstract on the role Spirulina plays in preventing fetal malformations in mice.

High Phthalate Levels in Men May Delay Pregnancy in Partners

A recent study on the correlation between high levels of phthalates in men and delayed pregnancy in their partners. 

Friday Freak Out: BPA May Create An Even Bigger Hormonal Mess

A Huffington Post article on BPA and it's link to obesity and infertility. 

Phthalate Exposure in Pregnancy May Increase Preterm Birth Risk

A CBS News article on phthalates in plastic that may increase the risk of preterm birth. 

The Disappearing Male

A CBC documentary on link between chemicals and the globally declining male birth rate.

Birth Defect Risk Affected By Father's Diet

A CBC News article on a study that links a father's diet before conception to risk of birth defects. 

Xenoestrogens and Infertility

The Baby Builders video on xenoestrogens and the effects they have on reproduction.